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Porto Santo: The Golden Paradise of Madeira Island

Discover the Enchanting Island of Porto Santo, also known as the Golden Paradise of Madeira Island. Its golden sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters offer a unique and relaxing experience.

Relax on Porto Santo Beach, with kilometers of fine sand, perfect for moments of tranquility under the sun.

Explore the charm of the historic center, with its picturesque streets and traditional architecture, ideal for pleasant strolls.

Venture into natural trails and enjoy breathtaking views.

Visit Pico do Facho, a viewpoint with spectacular panoramas of the ocean and surrounding landscapes.

Discover the culture and history of the island at the Porto Santo Museum, with fascinating exhibitions about local life.

Experience leisure moments at the Porto Santo Golf Course, a unique experience amidst natural beauty.

Explore the uniqueness of Porto Santo and let yourself be charmed by the allure of this golden island in Madeira. You will live days of relaxation and discoveries in this true paradise in the Atlantic Ocean.

Selection of Properties in Porto Santo

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Land - 694 sqm - Porto Santo

Porto Santo, Porto Santo
Buy: 72.000€
694sq m
Ref: #005070
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Land with 7980 m2 - Porto Santo

Porto Santo, Porto Santo
Buy: 200.000€
7980sq m
Ref: #006382
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Buy: 650.000€
127sq m
557sq m
Ref: #006559
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Urban Land - Porto Santo - 670sqm

Porto Santo, Porto Santo
Buy: 90.000€
670sq m
Ref: #7802
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Villa - 2 Bedrooms - Porto Santo

Porto Santo, Porto Santo
Buy: 500.000€
103sq m
2520sq m
Ref: #8321